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Meet your coach, Pavi Theva!

Pavi Theva is a multiple times TEDx Speaker, Career and Leadership Coach,  Ex- Product Leader at Amazon.

She is dedicated to guiding STEM professionals towards unlocking their full potential and achieving both fulfillment and financial success in their careers. With a rich background that includes Masters from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and extensive corporate experience leading business and product strategies for Silicon Valley startups, Big 4 consulting firms, and high-tech companies like Amazon and EY, Pavi brings a wealth of practical insight to her coaching. She helps clients gain career clarity, build leadership presence, upgrade their mindset, and overcome fears to create careers they love and are proud of. Drawing from her journey of personal transformation—from feeling stuck and unfulfilled despite outward success to discovering her true purpose—Pavi employs a holistic approach that encompasses clarity, confidence and communication to empower individuals to lead purposeful lives and careers aligned with their highest potential.

She has developed the ‘RISE Method’ – a proven 4-step process that has empowered hundreds of corporate professionals to achieve success both within and outside corporate settings. Using this framework, her clients have:

Become influencers, thought-leaders and keynote speakers

Launched their thriving side hustles, making $3-$10K in passive income

Become coaches and confidently increased their prices

Secured promotions with a minimum of 10% raise and advanced their skills

Made impactful career pivots and secured jobs with $200K or more and a minimum of 15% raise from their previous role

Pavi has worked with STEM professionals at:

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