Go from lacking clarity, confidence & control over your career to becoming a Highly-paid and Fearless leader

The only coaching program for STEM professionals to master clarity, confidence and communication to land your next $300K+ job, promotion or launch your own business 

No more trade-offs between financial success and fulfillment – you deserve both!


Does this sound like you? You might currently face one or all of the below

You’re an ambitious corporate professional in STEM, working in the US and Canada

And you have…

Been stuck in current income level without much growth opportunities or recognition or impact

Unfulfilled in your current job and feel like there is something more in your career, but unsure how to step into it or monetize your genius

Been procrastinating your goals and struggle with consistency

Tried chasing your big vision before, but your 60-hour work week and lifestyle doesn’t allow you to expend more energy.

Crippled by fear of failure or judgement or rejection or imposter syndrome

Conflicted between finding meaning and making money, because you're unsure how to have both

The Problem

You have been working long hours, getting certification after certification, reading books, listening to podcasts that have been giving you a bit of a push (that last as long as the span of attention of a 2 years old) without realizing that you haven’t worked on the most important element:



Imagine what it would feel like to…

Own your greatness and stop playing small

Have purpose and love what you're working in

Inspire people and express your various strengths and passions - whether it's through side hustle, speaking, coaching or projects at work

Step into any room, virtual or physical, and exude a presence that commands respect and attention

Lead with confidence and not paralyze in fear or self-doubt

Recognized for your work and earning the money you're worth

Experience the joy of meaningful work without sacrificing your ambition and drive for success

Finally Fulfilled Coaching will be the course-corrector that transforms you professionally
and personally

Join Finally Fulfilled if you wish to have these results –

Make a job change and land your next fulfilling $300K+ job

Become visible and land your next $300K+ promotion

Start your side hustle or business and build generational wealth and freedom

Become confident in yourself and your goals

Craft a Professional Brand that allows you to inspire people, have a meaningful impact and stand out

Communicate effectively at work and carry the presence that gets you noticed and respected for the value that you bring

Anchor your ongoing growth and well-being on a foundation of conscious habits and mindfulness

What you get & how it works...

Your 12-month experience is tied up in a pretty bow that comes with all this:

6 months of private coaching sessions as we partner on this rewarding journey of creating your fulfilling life and career. 

A proven digital curriculum. Here are some top trainings:

  • Conscious & Subconscious programming
  • Belief Mapping and Shifting
  • Healing protector mindsets and behaviors
  • Identity Shifting to the True Self leading the way
  • Confidence and Mindfulness Toolkits
  • Finding your passion and interests
  • Finding your strengths, skills and talents
  • Finding your unique purpose
  • Finding and Landing Your Next Role in STEM Career
  • Resume, Networking & Linkedin Strategies
  • Building your Brand
  • Finding your Powerful Voice
  • Influential and Persuasive communication
  • Building Leadership Presence

A community of STEM professionals, entrepreneurs, side hustlers and thought leaders

Throughout the 12 months, we will invite a variety of coaches and experts to speak on important & relevant topics, to help you further expand your mind and execute on your goals.

Some popular topics include: 

  • Personal Branding
  • Networking
  • Linkedin and Resume Strategies
  • Managing your emotions
  • Building a online business
  • Effective Communication

For all the weekdays dotted with gray clouds that impair your vision, Pavi will be just a text away. Ofcourse, it’s available for the weekdays only

We are believers of learning by doing. With the clarity and confidence you have gained, you will work on a social impact project using your purpose and vision to make a positive contribution to the communities you belong. This is a chance to give back to the community and hone your leadership skills.

Group activities and discussions hosted live with Pavi. Get your questions answered to consistently take action towards your goals. 

Enroll before May 1st 2024, and you’ll get these bonuses…

BONUS ONE: Business Foundations

Essential learnings and tools for service oriented entrepreneurs to build and scale their business including: business planning, legal compliance, financial management, marketing strategies, sales and operations.

BONUS TWO: Building your Thought Leadership 

Tools and coaching to identify your unique thought leadership and build your professional brand to communicate your value and impact, so you can be a highly-paid leader.

BONUS THREE: Landing your TEDx Talk

The exact step by step process and thought leadership you need to land your TEDx Talk and other speaking engagements. 

What is unique about this program?

Takes into account all areas of your life:

There are too many programs out there focused solely on your career or side hustle or relationships or health, but this program is designed to uplevel all areas of your life. It equips you with clarity, confidence, personal and career growth tools and a step by step action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Customized step-by-step action plan to get the results in your 9-5 career and/or side hustle

You do not have to spend any more money on hiring career and business coaches! This program is designed to set you up for success in your 9-5 and beyond that. Many of our clients have launched successful side hustles and generated passive incomes. 

Focuses on personal development as much as professional development

You are more than your career. We believe that when you work on yourself, you transform all areas of your life. 

Lead with your unique purpose and vision

When you are unclear on your purpose and vision, you follow follow other people's definition of success. But it's unfulfilling and confusing because it is not what you want. The hurdle most programs fail to take into account is lack of overall clarity and how all areas of your life are connected. In this program, you will create a strong foundation for your life and uncover your unique purpose.

⁣ The Finally Fulfilled Guarantee!

We want to remove every obstacle so you can FINALLY take this bet on yourself.

So here’s the deal – 

1) 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied 

2) Pavi will personally coach you until you get the results at no additional cost

We know this program has the potential to help launch you towards a career and life you love and finally feel fulfilled. And we confidently stand by it!

⁣ FAQs

Definitely. We welcome corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, non-profit leaders, creators – who share a passion for becoming the best version of themselves, and the commitment to use their talents, influence and ambition to elevate the lives of all those around them. You don’t need a soul-jolting moment inside a 9–5 corporate setup to want to shift things around. Let’s say you moved to the US as a spouse, Finally Fulfilled will help you figure out how you can best leverage your position to find a career that makes you emotionally and financially satisfied.  We will get you the clarity and exact steps you need to design your dream career in the USA. We will explore your mindset to discover the patterns holding you back. That will enable you to optimize your current life to follow your passions with systems that suit you.

Most definitely, yes. Because your current career is a sum total of all your life experiences and conditioning, it’s only natural to want to pivot when it doesn’t feel aligned with you. 

But your limiting beliefs will sabotage your desire to move forward. Worry not. We’ll be putting all of them under a scanner so you know where they stem from and how you can reverse it. We’ll create a new belief system that supports your next passion-filled journey.  There will be a clear roadmap for you, no matter what career alternative you opt for.

Yes,  the program can be your go-to for uncovering the paths that revolve around your current career. I truly agree that quitting the job is not the answer when people depend on you.  Which is why, we’ll figure out the best possible way to utilize your skills and talents without burning down your current life.

Yes!! Most of our clients are side hustlers, coaches and creators who want to further elevate their impact, income and confidence.  

You will gain more self-awareness that will help you brand yourself differently and expand your niche. You will also learn sustainable business and thought leadership strategies to stand out as an entrepreneur. 

Most definitely! Many of my clients have started their own businesses and side hustles. When you discover your purpose, you will have clarity on exactly what business you want to build and how you can help people. We will help you with defining your thought-leadership and business model which will set you up for success. We will provide the strategies you need to launch your business with ease.

12 months. While the 1:1 coaching runs for 6 months, you’ll have access to the recordings, notes, and training modules for 12 months.

Yes, and yes. 

This is different from your average program in the coaching world that hands you a course and expects you to figure things out on your own. 

We figure things out here together.  What’s your biggest stressor and how you can navigate through it are some of the questions we’ll be tackling in the first few sessions.

Besides, everything is custom-made for you — adhering to your lifestyle, energy, core values and priorities. You will get custom practices that are tailored to your needs.

There’s no chance of falling off the wagon because everything will be highly doable for you. Everything works at YOUR pace.

Absolutely,  finding clarity is one the most important objectives of this coaching experience. 

I hear you! Past clients have been working moms and corporate leaders with busy schedules. So, I know how busy you are and that’s why time management is one of the main pillars of this program. So as soon as you join I walk you through my most effective time management techniques that will help you take so much time back from your busy schedule

If whatever you read so far piqued your interest then I invite you to apply for the program and by reviewing your application, we can get on a call to further discuss if this is the best choice for you

Yes. There is an entire module and toolkits to help you land your next STEM job. Past clients have all secured 6 figure jobs with a minimum of 15% salary increase on an average. 

If this is your first investment in yourself, it can be scary for sure but I invite you to think about the cost of not doing it (feeling stuck, lacking confidence?) Where would you be if you decided not to do anything? I also invite you to think of the possible return on investment. What if you received a $5000 raise right after this program or launched your side hustle? 

Yes, we have an entire course on business foundations to help you launch your business and start making money. We will coach you through it and help you resolve obstacles that come along the way.

Shoot me an email at – pavitheva.info@gmail.com

I’m a real human behind the business, rest assured, your query will be answered in 24-48 hours. 

I want you to know this: being a little scared is okay. 

Trust that you landed on this page for a reason.

By investing in you now you are giving to yourself the opportunity of learning strategies and tools that you will have for the rest of your life and they will help you to grow even more as a person and as a professional.

A year from now, you would have wished you had started today! So, let's get started!

It’s time to unleash your career potential and become a fearless leader.



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